Monday, January 30, 2012

My Fire passion

Only by watching them i feel the warmth in my heart no matter outside it is -22 C...
I hope one day /soon/ to be able to spin like them....

This beautiful magical fire art ..... =))))

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Show them love. 
How to use it.
How to give.
How to share.
And forgive.
How to dare.
And not being scared.
Just use your intuition.
That’s not a competition.
It’s about Life.
How to feel again alive.
Not just to exist.
But also to persist.
To what is not true.
But has its value.
It’s your way.
You can’t get away.
Don’t even try.
You will fly. 
Out of Joy and bliss. 
It’s not possible to dismiss. 
To go back home. 
And to meet your own. 
You will never feel alone. 
Listen to the sound. 
It is not exactly on the ground. 
Close your eyes. 
It’s your paradise. 
You will find it just inside. 
Look behind. 
It’s another point of view. 
Maybe this is something new. 
For you. 
But it is true. 
And has no value. 
Because it is in you. 
And will make you glow. 
Because this is like a flow. 
The flow of life. 
In which you can dive. 
You are still alive. 
Don’t worry. 
You wont  be sorry. 
You may not  find the glory
but will write the story.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

To be able to love

Today I share with you one beautiful song.
Below you can find the translated lyrics into English.
The words are sooo powerful and inspiring...
Just enjoy :)))

ΠΆo be able to smile
To the unknown passer-by
And not to keep this as a memory
Except for the one of pleasure
To be able to love
Without expecting anything in return
Neither attention, nor great love
Even the hope to be loved
To be able to give…to give without taking
To do nothing else except for to love
To love without expectations….to love in everything
To learn how to smile
Only for the gesture…without wanting anything
And to learn how to live
And to go on
To be able to wait
The delight of the full happiness
Which is given to you maybe by mistake
When you don’t wait for it anymore
Meet it…and believe
So as you can overlive the fear of loneliness
Ingrained like all these wrinkles
Which make furrow in the mirror
To be able to give…to give without taking
To do nothing else except for learning how to love
To love without expectations….to love in everything
To learn how to smile
Only for the gesture…without wanting anything
And to learn how to live
And to go on
To be able to suffer…in silence … with no words
Without protection…without harness
To suffer…to want to die
And to stand up again
Like a phoenix from the ashes
With so much love in excess
So that you can put the line of the past
And to be able to give
To give without taking anything in return
To do nothing else except for learning how to love
To love without expectations….to love in everything
To learn how to smile
Only for the gesture…without wanting anything
And to learn how to live
And to go on
And to be able to dream
To dream for two people…only by closing your eyes
To be able to give
To give ..neither on credit … nor in half
Learn how to stay
To say till the end … even everything
Learn how to love
And to go on…and on and on….

My letter for you

Today the sun is shining. It is not warm…but there is sun. :) What more beautiful than this? Last few days the sun here (in Sofia) was missing. Maybe it reminded me some things. Today I woke up with a smile and I thought:
What is more beautiful than TODAY? Why do I have to postpone my happiness for tomorrow? Recently I keep on postponing everything- to buy something, to look through the window, to call my friends, to be happy….NO…I want to do it Today and Right Now !
Life is really too short to afford the luxury not to call my friends who need this right now, to tell all what I think because there is no more perfect moment than this. I fed up with postponing my happiness because of work/ university/ exams or whatever … it is all always too important and urgent.
But I want to tell you something:
No matter if I am with you everyday or I haven’t seen you for weeks/ months; if you live two floors up than mine, on the next street, in the other part of the city or in the other part of the Planet…THANK YOU for being there and for coming in my life in one or another way and for being part of it. I may not see you everyday but I really haven’t forgotten you. Whatever it may have happened. Thank you that you are in your way part of my life. Because you have helped me in your way to be what I am now. Thank you for the support, for all the moments we were laughing and for the ones we were crying together. Thank you for all I have learned from you because it helped me in the best moment. Thank you for all you have given to me, because this is the most precious from you – your unique essence. Thank you that we are walking / we have been walking on one path together because it is never going to be exactly the same. Thank you for your support because it gives me / has given me strength to go on.
Thank you,
And please remember that wherever you are, there always will be some place in my heart for you and I m not going to forget all you have done for me.
For me today is the most beautiful day, because it is TODAY and because I tell you this.
Always wear your most beautiful smile, wherever you go. And never lose it or let anyone take it from you. Keep on walking your path wherever it may lead you and enjoy the view :)
Sending you all my love and best wishes.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My prayer / or just some brainstorming /

So…well….Where am I?........(blank)…… What do I really want? ……(blank)….Where are my dreams?  Where is my inspiration?.....Where are my positive thoughts?….. What on hell has happened? ……….I really have no idea….What is wrong? What happened to me? This is not me….or this wasn’t me…..Why do I think so much….I didn’t used to do it…..What I used to do was to feel… thinking at all. I was sure that I am on the right way, no matter that I didn’t know the answer. No matter that I didn’t know what will be my next step. But now it is totally different. I don’t feel….it is like I just can’t. Someone erased this ability….. But please…. I want it back…..It is like it is not me……My best tool is not here  with me….or I just i can’t find it…. I cant be myself, because I don’t feel what I am…I forgot who I am….who I was…..where I am going…..No matter why….. I know that you can hear me.....Just give me one direction…. I changed it so many times that I really lost its tray… are giving me some signs…..but not for one direction, but for ALL. It is really like that you are showing me all the possible ways……how can I know which exactly is mine???? HOW !?!?!? Why I can’t hear you ….I can’t feel you directing me as before…..What did happen??? What did I do wrong?  Where did I get lost?........please help me to find myself again….Help me start feeling again…..This is my essence…. what am I now without it???All I know and all I can feel is that I am lost….

Ok,….I will relax….I don’t want to keep these endless questions which are rushing my mind almost constantly….I just close my eyes…..Take a deep breath iiiiiiiiin ………..and ouuuut.
“Oh…what is this? I cant sit like this anymore….I feel totally restless… I am not comfortable even with myself…..What I am doing? It is like it is suffocating me….but what is this? I don’t know…I just can’t sit and keep quiet. Or my mind just doesn’t let me. It is like it is afraid of the silence….It just keeps on thinking and thinking and again (guess what ?!?!?)..…thinking…..But I said that I will take some rest….I will take a break of my thoughts …..Oh yeah…..Forget about it !!! It is not gonna happen like this……
Ok…. I will turn back a little bit…the problem should be somewhere here….somewhere around me…..When did it start? When did everything start changing in this abnormal way? When?! Why? What?! Why? Why? Why?........Come on….it is like I m not moving at all…..Again my stupid questions…..and….nothing more…..I am still at the same point like 5 minutes ago,….like 15 minutes ago….like yesterday …and like 3 days ago…like 1 week ago……BUT I WANT TO CHANGE…………..CANT  YOU HEAR ME!?!?!?!? Where are you??!?!!? Please save me from my  craziness…..from my mind……making me totally mad….and weak….
I start looking at my recent past…,…people….situations…coming…going….. What? what ? What was the last one?!?!? ….GOING……. OH YEAH !!!  Now I remember! Is it about HIM? HE, who has disappeared…..HE, who has walked away….HE, who has GONE….simply G-O-N-E………Where?- somewhere…..thousands kilometers away…..maybe somewhere in the big  ocean…..or just somewhere……no matter where exactly this is…..but far away enough. Enough for…. Making me suffer. Ok I want to set him free. No….I want to set MYSELF free…To BE FREEEEEE..Just to forget about him…... That’s all…..Is it soo difficult? Is it too much ? Ok….GO  AWAY wherever you want …. Wherever your path and heart lead you…. and never come back!!!  I just want my inner strength …my inner  peace back….I just want my ability to feel again…..Not YOU and nothing about you….. just  to feel ……….MY LIFE……to feel that I am still alive….I don’t want to feel that a piece of me is lost…… not exactly a piece…..but my essence- my feelings!!! My ability to feel…..Myself…  LIFE…. my Heart…. MY DIRECTION…….Maybe I am too selfish now…..But now I really want  to be selfish….just this time…….But I really need my piece of my puzzle…..just to go on…….To go on my life….my life story…….”

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A message from an Angle

Few days ago I received one very special message.....from one real Angle....I cannot keep it only for wouldbe too selfish, so I will share it with you with all my Loveee.....

Just ENJOY....

Somewhere a voice calls
in the depths of my heart.
Keep dreaming your dreams
don't even let them out
Why spek of all your sadness
or af all life's painful woes?
Instead let the same lips sing
a gentle song for you!
The shispering voice
we never want to forget
in each passing memory,
always there to guide you.
When a mirror has been broken
shaffered pieces scaltered on the ground.
Glipses of a new life,
reflected all around
Windows of begging , stillness,
newlight of the down.
Let my silent empty body
be filled and reborn.
No need to search outside,
nor sail across the sea.
Cause here shining inside me,
it's right here inside me.
I ' ve found a brightness,
It's always with me...

 From my sweet Lithuanian Angle...

Bad antogast

to be continued....